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US college sports group makes concussion settlement deal

Yahoo Sports 1 hour

Vegas illegal betting suspects freed from custody

Yahoo Sports 54 min

Browns fan allegedly urinated on Modell's grave

USA Today 34 min

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Vikings lawyer up for potential lawsuit from Kluwe

USA Today 40 min

Showtime Lakers support Byron Scott as new coach

USA Today 1 hour

Riggs accidentally shoots self, out of UFC fight 1 hour

Tim Howard has new gig in the broadcast booth

USA Today 1 hour

Why some MLB GMs are angry at this man

Fox Sports 1 hour

$100K for a Manziel jersey?

Fox Sports 1 hour

Trump says he'll bid on Bills

Fox Sports 1 hour

Hillary Clinton chimes in on Redskins name

USA Today 2 hours

The pitch that is the latest nightmare for hitters

USA Today 2 hours

Pitch that is the latest nightmare for hitters

USA Today 2 hours

Griffin skips worlds due to back injury: report

Yahoo Sports 3 hours

Bengals confident Dalton can get over playoff hump

USA Today 3 hours

Pro Bowl LB still absent after DUI arrest report

USA Today 3 hours

Tim Howard takes spot in NBC Sports broadcast booth

USA Today 3 hours

Gstaad champion Andujar wins opener in Kitzbuehel

Yahoo Sports 3 hours

Letter to Dan Snyder takes issue with Redskins message

USA Today 4 hours


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